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Hoogduin papierrestauratoren has extensive experience in the conservation

and restoration of archives and is specialized in the leafcasting of paper.

We work for museums, state and municipal archives, libraries and other institutions,

in both large and small scale projects. Treatments are performed either by hand or

on an automated leafcasting machine, depending on the level of damage.


You can contact us for:

Condition surveys

Paper conservation:

  -Primary conservation for digitization projects.

  -Repackaging of archives for permanent storage.

  -Deacidification using the Bookkeeper-method.

Paper restoration:

  -leafcasting, infill repairs, lining of documents, prints, maps and architectural

   drawings. We also leafcast paper collections for fellow conservators.

Disaster recovery:

  -Advice and support for mould and pest control, freeze drying and

   mass deacidification.