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Charters are official records written on parchment and are usually found in

municipal archives. They are often endorsed with one or more seals.

Parchment is especially sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity

which may cause damage to the parchment and/or the written text.

When charters are stored in a folded state this can cause damage to the

written text, seals and seal cords or tails.
You can contact us for:

Restoration/conservation of charters and seals.

Packaging for permanent storage of three-dimensional objects.


Hoogduin papierrestauratoren has developed a three-dimensional storage tray

for the permanent storage of charters and other vulnerable objects.

Three-dimensional objects can thus be safely stacked and stored while the

folded edges of the tray serve as a spacer for added protection. The 3D storage

tray is available in different sizes and fits in the standard archival boxes.

The 3D storage tray is also suitable for storing flat objects with vulnerable

pigments (gouache, chalk drawings etc.), textile objects and diverse

three dimensional objects made from other materials. 

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