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    Esser Archive, Breda City Archives

The Esser Archive (1879-1966) is important to the Breda City Archives for several reasons. Founder J. C. L. Esser had an
insurance agency as well as a notary office. He was also
responsible for the management of the family affairs and estate.
The company was later taken over by his stepson and spans
a period of almost 100 years.
The Esser family originates from the former municipality of Prinsenhage. The city archive in Breda would like to include
more private archives from former surrounding municipalities in
order to diversify their collection. The archive contains among
other things, testaments, mortgages, accounts and customer correspondance.

Condition of the archive
The archive comprises mostly loose leaves and also contains bound documents such as copy and record books. The sustained damage to the paper is largely serious mould, felting and rust.