Nederlandse versie        

When there is a lack of storage space notarial archives are transferred to

Doc-Direkt (formerly CAS in Winschoten), a depot for state archives.

According to the Dutch Public Records Act 1995 an archive needs to be checked

in advance to see that it meets the required standards.

You can contact us for these inspections, also known as biological tests.

We perform these tests on location. The time needed for a biological test

depends on the size of the archive to be tested. This can be measured in the

amount of archive boxes or per linear metre (8 standard boxes = 1 metre).

The time needed is also dependent on the number of samples taken.

The costs of the biological testing are therefore based on the size of the

archive, the number of samples and travel expenses.

If you have any questions or you want a biological test carried out

you can contact:


Allan S. Cramer


T: +31 (0)6 285 710 15 / +31 (0)15 257 44 64

mon-fri. 08.00u-17.00u


To request a quote for a biological test we need the

following information:

-size of the archive to be inspected (no. of archive boxes

 or linear meters)

-storage location

For the transportation of your archive you can contact:


Transportlaan 12

Postbus 252

9670 AG Winschoten

T: +31 (0)597 431433